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Stoughton Historical Society Store offerings for 2015

  • Looking for a little Stoughton History - shopping for the holidays? Contact the Stoughton Historical Society if any of these items interest you - 781-344-5456 .

    Christmas 2015 Prices for Members/Nonmembers.  These may be mailed for an extra $4, (*)$5 for maps which require mailing tubes.


    *1793 & 1835 Maps to accompany the Dunbar Diaries $5/$3
    Aerial views of 800Y squares in Stoughton in 1953 $10/$5
    Color-coded trail/topo maps of the Bird St. Conservation Area $2/$1
    *Large topo map of Bird St Cons. Area, with stone walls and lot lines $10/8
    Topo map of Bird St to Bay Road with glacial boulders marked $3/2

    Basic trail maps of Glen Echo $2/$1
    *Beautiful, color Maps of the 12 (1695) and 25 (1725) Divisions $15@/$10@ (free booklet with purchase of both)



    Bailey Lithograph of Stoughton in 1890  Color $15/$10 B&W $5


    A Man for All Seasons; 1762-3 & 1806 Diaries of Elijah Dunbar $10/$7
    The Revolutionary War Diaries of Stoughton’s Ezra Tilden $15/$10
    The Drake Letters from Stoughton to Strongsville Ed. by Sandee LeMasters $20/15
    The Civil War Diary of Stoughton Pvt. Alfred Waldo $20/$15
    The Civil War Diary Of Stoughton Pvt. Charles Eaton $5/$3
    Postcard Images of Stoughton by David Allen Lambert - $22/$20 
    Images of Stoughton by David Allen Lambert $22/$20

    Stoughton in the Twentieth Century By David Allen and Brenda Lambert $22/$20
    October Stories by Jim Barber $13

    November Stories by Jim Barber  $13
    Postcard History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts $40/$35

    The Minute Men 1775-1975 $10/$5


     Commentary on our ancient maps $8/$5 (free with purchase of both maps),

    “Glen Echo Park: Commentary, Pictures, and Recollections “$5/$3

    “The Story Behind Stoughton’s Napoleons” (cannon) $3
    “The History of Education in Stoughton”  (and supplement) $3@

    “A Few Farms of Dry Pond” $3
    “Strolling Around the Dry Pond District of My Boyhood Days” by Ernest Gilbert.
    “Billy White’s Field” $5

    “Farming at Capen-Reynolds” (Pleasant Pines Farm) $4/$3

    “The Culture of the Hodges Tavern-Store on Bay Road” $3/$2

    “Excerpts from Waldo Civil War Diary”  $3/$2

    “Proceedings of the Stoughton Historical Society: April 19, 1899” (Stearns Marker dedication and related history of Isaac Stearns)  $3
    “The Stoughton Songster” by Roger Hall $3
    “Music in Stoughton” by Roger Hall  $3
    Town of Stoughton Coloring Book $2,

    Color Stoughton History Time-Line $1
    Farming in Stoughton in 1850 $1

    Illustrated Community Calendar Commentaries: on Gay Cotton Manuf. Company (1813), West Street, Bird Street Conserv. Area. Stoughton RR Station, Glen Echo, Old Glover $2/$1@


    1928 Stoughton Maxim Fire Engine # 2 T-shirts - $10.00

    Stoughton Historical Society t and polo shirts $10


To see more titles recently added and previous editions added from the Stoughton Historical Society Archives book shelves click on this link to "Old Books"

NEW - M.H. Floyd's 1967 report on the Boston & Providence Railroad Station's Architectural and Historical Analysis presented to the Stoughton Historical Society.

NEW - George W. Pratt, The Forty-Third Regiment Mass. Volunteer Militia. (Stoughton, Mass., The Sentinel Print, 1914). Recounting those in the regiment who served in Co. H., and their lives afterwards.  Written by Stoughton Civil War Veteran George W. Pratt - late commander of the Massachusetts Department of the Grand Army of the Republic.

NEW - The program for - A. St. John Chambre Post 72, Grand Army of the Republic - Department of Massachusetts on Memorial Day - Stoughton, Tuesday, May 30, 1871.

NEW - Fourth Annual Masquerade Concert and Ball under the Auspices of the Stoughton Commercial Club - Stoughton, Mass. January 15, 1900.  Illustrated with many images and old advertisements from Stoughton.

NEW - Third Annual Ball Given by Stoughton Police Relief Association - Town Hall, Stoughton May 12, 1939.  Featuring advertisements and photos of former Stoughton Police Officers - Peter J. McGarvey, Sidney A. Morey, Louis R. Swanson, Michael J. Roach, Duncan R. Fleming, Thomas E. Mara, Ellis H. Smith, Frederick J. Vanston, Jerome A. Flynn, William R. Hilferty, William B. Hodges, Charles N. Shields, Timothy L. Roach, Frederick F. Low.

NEW - 1928 Program For the Benefit of Stoughton Firemen's Relief Association at the Town Hall, November 22, 1928.

NEW - Illustrated 1956 Program for the 50th Annual Ball for the Stoughton Fire-Fighters Relief Association, February 10, 1956.

NEW - J. Elmer Talbot, Company A. 4th Regiment M.V.M. [Massachusetts Volunteer Militia] Listing of Civil War soldiers with their age, residence, and address or date of death as of 1900. (Stoughton, Mass., Pequa Press, 1900). Also see an illustrated memorial to Stoughton's Civil War veterans from Co. A. 4th Massachusetts Infantry.

NEW - The 100th Anniversary Program for the Stoughton Town Hall on November 22, 1981.

NEW - The Bicentennial Breakfast program from 1976 during Stoughton's 250th anniversary celebration.

NEW - Historical outline of Stoughton I.O.O.F. (Independent Order of Odd Fellow) Lodge No. 72 100th Anniversary written by Thorold S. Curtis in 1945. Stoughton's I.O.O.F. existed from 1845 to 2005. To learn more about the Past Grands of the I.O.O.F. in Stoughton from 1845 to 1946.

NEW - Town of Avon 1888-1963 Diamond Jubilee (75th) Anniversary.  This is an illustrated history of old East Stoughton which became Avon in 1888.

NEW - Stoughton Fish and Game Association - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary 1921-1946.  Held at Town Hall, Stoughton, Massachusetts - January 24, 1946.

NEW - By-Laws and Regulations of The Chicatabut Ladies' Club of Stoughton, Massachusetts (Organized January 26, 1905) With a list of Officers and Members. (Stoughton, Mass., The Pequoa Press, 1910).

NEW - The Program from March 30, 1912 of a program presented by The Chicatabut Club at Stoughton Town Hall titled "Living Pictures - to consist of reproductions of some of the best paintings, treasured in the Great Art Galleries of the world.  The posers will be selected from the townspeople best suited for characters.  A descriptive lecture of the pictures will be given by Professor Chas. W. Kidder of the Emerson School of Oratory."

NEW - The Charter and By-Laws of the Chicatabut Club of Stoughton. with a list of the Officers and members. (Stoughton, Mass., The Pequoa Press,  1904).  Giving rules of the club and a list of all members in the back.  This exclusive club was for the Stoughton elite.

UPDATED SCAN - Roger L. Hall, Music in Stoughton - A brief survey. (Stoughton, Hansen Bros. Printing, 1989). Permission to place online from the author.

NEW - Roger L. Hall, The Stoughton Songster. (Stoughton, Pine Tree Press, 1991) Permission to place online from the author.

To learn more about Stoughton's Music History and purchase his booklets visit the website of Musicologist Roger L. Hall:


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This website was originally created by Stoughton historian and genealogist David Allen Lambert in 2005.  Since that time this has been utilized by genealogists, town historians, local residents, and Stoughton school students. On December 16, 2011 this website was officially transferred to the Stoughton Historical Society.

The author of this website David Allen Lambert is a life time Stoughton resident, historian, professional genealogist and author of three books on Stoughton, as well as authoring two other books..  David serves as the Vice President of the Stoughton Historical Society, which he joined in 1980.

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Daniel T. V. Huntoon's,  

History of the Town of Canton

Much of Stoughton's early history is contained in the pages of the History of Canton.

The Third Meeting-House

         The English Church   

        The Neutral French



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of the American Revolutionary War

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Source: Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the Revolutionary War : A compilation from the archives prepared and published by the Secretary of the Commonwealth in accordance with chapter 100, resolves of 1891. (Boston, Mass : Wright and Potter Printing Co., State Printers,1896-1908), 17 vols.


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